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Registered Support Organization

​Registration No. 19登-001961


Filjourn Corporation is one of the trusted registered tax agents in Japan. We specialise in offering services to help client submit their Income and Residential Tax claim. In over 15 years of service, we have lodged over 3500 successful tax refund claims.  

Brief History

Filjourn Corporation was established in November 2001 by the late Filipino-businesswoman,

Ms. Elizabeth R. Inoue to help not just her fellow Filipinos but also other qualified individuals claim their taxes so they can use it to support their families abroad and help finance their living expenses. Her son, Mr. Tatsuya Ishimoto continued her legacy after her death in 2014.


Our purpose is to take the hassle out of tax claims and visa matters to ensure our client’s satisfaction.


Since the number of foreign nationals living in Japan is increasing every year, we aim to provide support in other languages by adding more bilingual professionals of different nationalities in our team and make our services available online to reach and assist those who live far from the metro.


Target for “help and information” those least able in the community to afford to pay for advice and make a real difference to their understanding of the systems of Tax claims and Visa matters.

Core Values









We, at Filjourn Corporation are focused with the task at hand.

Our intelligent team of professionals has a lively attitude which makes us fun to engage with.

We pride ourselves on providing a just fee from our clients.

We had become so organized because we understand the need for result.

Our organization is known for its nice culture, which is part of what attracted our clients and what retains them.

Elizabeth Inoue

Filjourn Corporation established in 2001,by the late Ms. Elizabeth R. Inoue, Who was a Japan-based Filipino businesswoman.

Tatsuya Ishimoto
Owner / CEO
Miho Ishimoto
Marc Reburiano